the 9th IAGG-ER Congress
May 23-25, 2019

Note upcoming Late & Onsite fee

IAGG-ER & European Excellence in Ageing Research

We have been waiting for a long time – and now it is soon time for the opening of the 9th European Congress of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, European Region (IAGG-ER).

More than 1300 scientists from more than 55 countries come together to celebrate European excellence in ageing research. We are also happy to welcome many participants from Africa, Asia, Australia, as well as from North and South America.

Symposia and posters will cover a broad array of hot topics from the biology of ageing, medical and health sciences to ageing research in the behavioral and social sciences as well as research on policy and practice in the field of aging.


John W. Rowe, President of IAGG’s World organization, will open the congress with a keynote address on successful aging. Distinguished speakers will give key notes, synthesizing the current state of knowledge for experts and novices in their research fields.

Gothenburg is a model of Swedish hospitality, and the meeting place offers plenty of room for scientific discourse and small talk during coffee breaks. Using an innovative format of presentation – the AgeStage, and smaller KeyStage – will attract all of us to topics we had never heard of before.

Come and join this unique opportunity to meet fellow scientists, colleagues and friends – and get first-hand knowledge about ageing and old age. I welcome you to Gothenburg, May 23-25.