the 9th IAGG-ER Congress
May 23-25, 2019

Additional Confirmed Key Note Speakers:

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Sarah Harper, Professor

“Ageing is a dynamic complex process, which needs to be addressed at both the individual and societal level. It is at the intersection of these two domains that the most exciting questions arise, questions which can only be successfully addressed through a multi and inter-disciplinary approach.”


Isabella Aboderin, Senior Research Scientist

” My hope is that my engagement may spur ideas and connections for the development of cross-regional inquiry on central ageing-related issues that are of concern globally.”


Kaj Blennow, Professor & Henrik Zetterberg, Professor

We hope to expand the knowledge on brain ageing and ageing-related changes that affect the brain which in turn lead to compromised capability in older adults.


Michel Poulain, Professor emeritus

“…the secret of centenarians. The Blue Zones, areas around the world inhabited by people living longer, better and healthier, give a unique opportunity to address the key question in Gerontology: which factors favor people to live longer in good health?”

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