Instructions for all Oral & Poster Presentations

Key Note, Symposium, Oral, and Oral-Poster sessions

Thank you for accepting to present at the IAGG-ER congress 2019 in Gothenburg.
Below you will find some information that will help prepare your contribution.

To ensure a smooth course during sessions, we kindly ask presenting authors to consider the following:

The time slots for each type of session and presentation format is:

  • Key Note: presentation: 45 min (max)
  • Symposium: presentations: Total Symposium time is 75 minutes, including time for questions and discussion. It is up to the Symposium Chair/Convener to allocate enough time to all presentations decide upon their order for presentation.
  • Oral presentations: 15 min. (max, with 12 min. presentation and 3 min. for discussion)
  • Oral Poster presentations: 5 min with maximum 2 PPT slides

Session chairs have been instructed to rigorously enforce the schedule, i.e., to strictly limit the length of a presentation. We kindly ask you for your understanding and for your cooperation in keeping the schedule.

Be at the room of your session well in advance before session starts, so that you can meet your session chairs and other speakers, and get acquainted to the technical equipment.

Please note that no use of personal laptops are allowed for the presentations

You must therefore upload your presentation onsite, and at least 2 hours prior to your presentation at the Speakers Preview Room located at the Congress Hall foyer (close to the registration desk).

There is also a possibility for presenters to report to the Speaker Preview Room and hand in the presentation. A technician will be available in the preview room and can help make sure that presentations are set up properly.
Please note that the deadline for delivery is at least 2 hours prior to your talk!

The presentation will then be sent to the room where another technician will assist and start the presentation for you.

Speaker Preview Room opening hours:
Wednesday 22 May, 18:00-20:00
Thursday 23 May, 08:00-18:30
Friday 24 May, 07:30-18:00
Saturday 25 May, 07:30-15:00

  • Please bring your presentations on a USB memory stick in MS-Power Point or Adobe PDF format to the speaker preview room at least 2 hours prior to your presentation!
  • Note that there will be no presentation uploads in the conference rooms. All presentations must be uploaded in the Speaker Preview Room prior to your presentation.
  • Technical personnel will test-check your oral presentation for compatibility.
  • Please give the technical personnel any special instructions you may have when you are in the Speaker Preview Room, not during your lecture.
  • Before the session starts, introduce yourself to the Session Chair.

Computers and Technical assistance

There will be technical assistance in all rooms, however, to avoid any problems with your presentation please make sure that it meets the necessary requirements

Linked files

If possible, try to embed videos into your presentation file. If this is not possible, make sure your presentation file and linked files are in the same folder.

Naming of presentation files

Please use only characters from the English alphabet and refrain from using any unusual symbols.

Software specific:

  • PC: Includes Microsoft Office 2016 and Windows 10. The following file formats are supported: *.ppt *.pps *.pptx *.ppsx *.pdf.
  • PC: Videos: Make sure that you compress the video. There are numerous different file formats and codecs, we recommend using .mp4 videos encoded with H.264 video and AAC audio (MPEG-4 AVC).
  • Other supported file formats are .mpg .wmv .avi using the default-installed codecs in Microsoft Windows 10 and VLC.
  • Projector format: The standard format of the projectors in the conference rooms will be 16:9 (wide screen).
  • The default slide size in PowerPoint 2016 is widescreen (16:9), for earlier versions of PowerPoint it might be necessary to manually change this. Change the slide size from standard (4:3) to widescreen (16:9).

Please check the dual monitor support of your presentation by connecting your laptop to a second monitor or projector. For PC set Presenter view under Slideshow.

You will now be able to see speaker notes and a preview of your presentation at your laptop. Your main presentation is shown via the secondary screen or projector. You can now check if your films and animation are shown and if they work properly in the secondary screen or projector.

Oral-Poster and Poster Presentations: Important Information

The poster area will be in the conference area in Hall H for Posters and G foyer for Oral-Posters.

Poster presenting authors are expected to display their poster during the full day it will be presented. Poster sessions are morning coffee break + lunch + afternoon coffee break. (Posters should be displayed from 08.30 and until at least after afternoon coffee break.) Please remove your poster after your session, posters not withdrawn after the day will not be saved.

In preparing the poster, keep in mind that the quality of your presentation stimulates the attention from the audience. Use an appropriate font size allowing posters to be readable by delegates at a distance of about 1.5 meter.

The poster message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation. Further, we would like to call the attention of poster presenters to the following items:

  • Each poster board is marked with a poster ID-number. Please find your poster ID-number in the final Program (available later in the Conference App).
  • Authors are requested to use only the boards provided for their poster.
  • Posters should be fixed to the poster board using pins which will be provided on site at the registration desk.
  • Authors are required to stand by their posters during their whole scheduled poster session time on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Poster Size is an A0 poster in ‘Portrait’ (vertical) format (A0 measures 841mm wide x 1189mm high). Please note that there is not enough space for posters bigger than the stated size or posters in landscape. No audio-visual equipment is allowed at the posters.

All delegates will have free internet access throughout the congress venue, all through the congress

We wish you good luck while preparing your presentation and thank you for your cooperation!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Chair Intructions

As Chair you are expected to:

  1. Welcome speakers and audience to the session.
  2. Make sure that the presentations follow the order in the congress program (unless for some valid reason the order must be changed, then this should be announced at the start of the session).
  3. Make sure that each oral presentation is given it’s allocated and restricted time.
  4. Organize the discussion (after each presentation or at the end of the session, or both – you decide).
  5. Make sure that the session is finished within the allocated time slot.

Note that there will be volunteers in all session rooms to help you out.

IAGG-ER Congress committee