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The goal of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics –European Region (IAGG-ER) is, in line with the general mission of the international association (IAGG), to promote gerontological research in the biological, medical, behavioural, and social fields by member organizations and to promote cooperation among these organizations. President of IAGG-ER is professor Clemens Tesch-Roemer, German Center of Gerontology, Berlin.

AgeCap – Multidisciplinary research for capable ageing

AgeCap – Centre for Ageing and Health is a research centre at the University of Gothenburg that is supported by FORTE and the University. AgeCap started in 2014 and is led by Professor Ingmar Skoog.

The main goal is to:
Enable and enhance capability during ageing to contribute to increased quality of life and societal participation.

Capability – The individual’s ability to perform actions in order to reach goals he or she has reason to value.

AgeCap is a research centre for cooperation between originally five research groups from different disciplines at the University of Gothenburg:


From 2016, AgeCap was extended and now include 7 faculties and 16 institutions through the UGOT Challenges initiative funded by the University of Gothenburg.
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The goal of the Swedish Gerontological Society (SGS) is to promote research on ageing and strengthen the role of gerontology in society. The SGS is working to support networking among gerontologists in Sweden and is an expert forum for issues related to ageing. Professor Susanne Iwarsson, Lund University, is the President of the SGS.

The goal of the Geriatric Medicine in Sweden Association is to promote the development, research, and educational activities in geriatrics and clinical gerontology. Dr. Carina Metzner, Stockholm, is the President of SGF.

The Nordic Gerontological Federation (NGF) is an umbrella organization for the gerontological and geriatric organizations in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The primary mission of NGF is to support, organize and expand research, development and education in the Nordic countries.